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About Us

The Action Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Philadelphia, PA.

There are two main ways that the fund is used.  


The fund is set up to be able to offer larger group programs in underserved communities. The programs range from ongoing weekly classes during the school day to immersive after school classes to build confidence and give kids opportunities to reduce violence. Money for these programs is provided through fundraising, individual donations and grants. The Action Scholarship Funds brings high quality character-based martial arts to city neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 


The Action Scholarship Fund (ASF) also provides financial assistance to students that are at risk of not being able to continue their karate instruction due to the inability to pay. 


The goal is to help kids and families at a time in their lives when they most need the benefits of a martial arts education to fill in the gaps for what they’re not getting in school. The fund was started during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when students were forced into social isolation and lost access to playgrounds, group activity and in-person educational experiences. 


ASF awards the scholarships through qualifying martial arts schools. Both the karate school and the student must demonstrate a commitment to the program as well as a reasonable financial need. The vast majority of scholarships are awarded for martial arts students who are already enrolled, but experienced a life change that makes it hard to continue training. 


Things to consider before applying:

  • Full scholarships are rarely available. Families are expected to maintain responsibility for a portion of the tuition.

  • Applying does not guarantee an award. The fund's 5-person board will vote on each application.

  • Students must have good attendance and communicate frequently and reliably with the karate school about any unexpected absences.

  • Students must be respectful and follow the expectations of the program.

  • Families do not need to share detailed personal financial information. The application includes several ways to demonstrate proof of need. This is done so that families don’t have a huge hurdle to apply. 

  • Students do not have to demonstrate high grades in school. However, the child’s teachers may be asked to recommend whether the child is a good candidate for this opportunity. Feedback from the child’s school teacher and karate teacher will be major contributing factors in whether the scholarship will be awarded.

  • Scholarships are available in 3-month increments, with a review every quarter to determine whether to renew/adjust/expire the scholarship.

  • The child does not have to demonstrate any particular skill or ability level in martial arts, but does need to show an acceptable level of effort.

  • The longer the student receives a scholarship, the more responsibility they have to show leadership and responsibility. The student is expected to demonstrate they are benefitting from the scholarship. This is done through reaching goals, improved grades and investing time in helping other students at karate. 

  • Situations that might reasonably result in financial need include a disruption in family status, job loss or medical bills.

  • Situations that are highly unlikely to warrant scholarships include the burden of paying for private school, buying a new car, paying for college, choosing to be a one-income family, getting a new pet, paying for another sport or wanting spending cash from a non-profit (scholarship recipients won’t receive the money -- it will go directly to the karate school.)

  • This scholarship is not intended for amateur and professional sports competitions.


Note: Even if all qualifications are met, scholarship awards are limited and not guaranteed to anyone for any reason. 

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