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Press Release

Local Karate School Competes in National Kick-A-Thon for Charity


Who: Students at Action Karate Mt. Airy are participating in a national challenge to kick as many times as they can in ten minutes. The challenge is a fundraiser for the Action Scholarship Fund. Dozens of karate schools are participating.


When: During regular classes the week of February 21 to February 26. To get video, pics, or interviews, call or text in advance to coordinate a class time to attend during the week.


Why: This is a great visual with kids being loud, inspiring, great energy in class. Every kick will be counted by an instructor in class.


Benefit: The Action Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 non profit with a mission to improve the mental and physical well-being of students through martial arts. The non-profit was started in 2021 in response to the decline in resources available for children and gaps in their education. The fund raises money through private donations, corporate partnerships and is making appeals through grant processes.


Donors: Donors can pledge as little as a nickel per kick or a flat amount for their friend or family member.


Quote: "This generation of children has been through so much from Covid disruptions. They are missing out on social experiences and spend much of their day in a mask. This event gives them a chance to be physically active, feel strong, and join in with friends to help others. Martial arts is needed now more than ever. This fund will help families get through a financial challenge and help to bring martial arts to schools to help improve students' lives. I'm glad that our students are making a difference and I hope this momentum continues for many Kick-a-thons in the future."

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