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Scholarship Renewal

Students and instructors must reapply every 3 months

Terms and Conditions

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to maintain ASF scholarship funding.

  1. The scholarship recipient must actively participate in the karate program. This is evidenced by appropriate progression of belt rank and documentation of good attendance (minimum two classes per week). Student participation is to be verified quarterly. Insufficient attendance will result in a probationary period. Unavoidable absences will be excused with reasonable communication. (Ex: Johnny is in the school play tonight. He will be back tomorrow. Or Johnny has a doctor’s appointment or his grandmother is in town. Frequent communication that shows Johnny is maintaining a positive schedule and not home playing video games will help but the more he attends class the better.) 

  2. The student must demonstrate improvement in physical and mental development and will display a positive attitude while participating in the karate program. This will be monitored by the owner/operator of the karate school and will be part of the quarterly reporting required by ASF.

  3. Financial need must be present to continue to receive ASF scholarship funds. If this need is no longer present, it is the student/parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify ASF. In the absence of such notification of change, financial need is to be reviewed quarterly.

  4. Schools receiving ASF scholarship funds are expected to host, participate or at least promote ASF fundraisers throughout the year. Requirements of karate school certification must be maintained. ASF reserves the right to monitor these requirements.


If it is determined by ASF that any of the above terms and conditions are not being met, the student or school owner/operator will have a 30-day probationary period to rectify the situation. If the terms and conditions are still not met at the end of this time, ASF will terminate scholarship funding.

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