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Application for Karate Scholarship

All of these requirements must be included to complete the process. You are responsible for requesting the required letters and signatures from your instructor and school owner. 


Your scholarship application must include the following found below:

  1. Completed Application Form 

  2. Form of approval/recommendation from your karate instructor.  

  3. Optional:  A community member referral who believes the applicant would benefit from karate.

  4. Once approved, Sign Award Letter and Agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

All scholarships are for a duration of 3 months and must be renewed at that time.


Students who maintain a need for continued support and fulfill the obligations of the program can renew the request every 3 months via a simple online form.


All students on scholarship will receive the same level of service and quality training as all students. However, this scholarship must be used for the students who most benefit from it.


Poor effort, poor attendance, poor communication will all be considered when renewing a scholarship.​


Questions? Please email: ASF at


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