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A Letter to Karate Schools

To Professional Karate Schools, 

The Action Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Philadelphia, PA dedicated to bringing high quality character-based martial arts to communities. 

Action Scholarship Fund raises funds that go directly to member martial arts schools to help students continue training during a financial hardship. The fund was created during the Covid pandemic to help kids and families fill in the gaps for what they’re not getting with school and social opportunities. Money for these programs is provided through member karate schools participating in at least one fundraising event each year, private and corporate donations and grants. There are two main ways that the fund is used. 


1.  The Action Scholarship Fund (ASF) provides scholarships for students that are at risk of not being able to continue their karate instruction due to the inability to pay. Both the karate school and the student must be accountable to update the student’s progress and commitment. The vast majority of scholarships are awarded for martial arts students who are already enrolled, but experienced a life change that makes it hard to continue training. 


2.  ASF is also set up to be able to obtain grants for larger group programs in underserved communities. The programs range from ongoing weekly classes during the school day to immersive after school classes to build confidence and give neighborhoods opportunities to empower kids to reduce violence. 

Apply to become a member of ASF to apply for scholarships for your students  at 


Participate in ASF’s suggested fundraising event at any time and get the full social media/marketing/instruction packet by filling out this 10-second form at 


Kelly Van Train 


Action Scholarship Fund

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