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Promotion Videos & Scripts

Parents, here is what you need to know....

SCRIPT:  Parents, here’s how to get pledges for your students.  Send out the social media graphic that encourages friends and family members to donate or make their guess for the Action Scholarship Fund.  The website is and get as many guesses as you can. You don't have to donate to guess. You don’t have to pay to guess. But it helps build up that excitement for your student and for them to feel that challenge of wanting to meet the expectation of grandmas and aunts and uncles and neighbors and people over the country or world who want to support your child’s martial arts training and give them some encouragement.

SCRIPT:  Parents, here’s what you need to know about getting pledges and donations to the Action Scholarship Fund for the Kick-a-thon.  Every single student that gets a pledge for a donation will get their kicks counted at the Kick-a-thon.  Second, ask friends and family to submit guesses so they are helping to encourage their students.  You can get the form online. When you get to that form you can make a flat donation or pledge to make a donation based on how many kicks the student does and submit the pledge after the fact. The money all goes directly to the Action Scholarship Fund and we’re expecting 100 percent participation at our karate school because all of us are coming together and making martial arts more available to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Get your pledges in. Get your donations in. Every student who gets a donation, gets a pledge, gets their kicks counted. It's a really easy, a really great way to participate. More information can be found at  This is a fundraiser being done at karate schools across the country. 

Announcements at your school

SCRIPT:   How many kicks do you think you can do in 10 minutes?  100, 500, 1000?  We’re all going to put it to the test and we’re going to do it for charity. We are part of a big event in every class the week of Feb 26.  Everyone's kicks I guarantee will get faster just by participating in this Kick-a-thon. The question is "how many kicks can you do in ten minutes?"  There will be prizes for the top kickers and we will be practicing in class over the next couple weeks to make sure kicks get snappier and faster and the best part is you can share this experience with friends and family so make sure you tell them you’re part of the Kick-a-thon.  When they pledge to sponsor you in this event and guess how many kicks you can do and make a donation that helps benefit the Action Scholarship Fund.

SCRIPT:  Did you know the world record for martial arts kicks in one minute is 178? That’s almost 3 per second!  So how many do you think you can do in 10 minutes? 500, 1000?  Our karate school is part of a big event.  Every class the week of Feb. 26, everyone’s kicks, I guarantee, are going to get better. We are doing a Kick-a-thon, which is how many kicks can you do in 10 minutes.  There are prizes for the top kickers.  We are practicing over the next couple weeks.  One of the best parts is you can get your friends and family involved guessing how many kicks you can do and they can even pledge to donate to the Action Scholarship Fund based on how many kicks you’re able to complete.  Let's say they’re willing to give you $1 per kick and you do 500 kicks they just donated $500 to the Action Scholarship Fund!  That is going to make a big difference in somebody’s life. As much as martial arts is important to you and does a lot for you, this event is a cool way to give back to the martial arts community and get your friends and family hyped up for your martial arts skills. 

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