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  • Our community is filled with children and teens who are physically out of shape, mentally drained, attention deprived and socially lost.  They don’t know how to cope and turn to unprecedented hours of screen time or get into trouble. We need your help to reach more students with martial arts training to build their confidence, focus, self-control and fitness. 


    The Action Scholarship Fund (501c(3) non-profit exists to provide a structured, meaningful opportunity for kids to improve their self-esteem, social emotional learning and increase their confidence in educational settings. Teachers and parents can’t do it all. They need community programs and support from professionals who can help keep them on the right path. They don’t have the time, flexibility or means to provide everything their children need to make up for years of pivoting, or to reach their potential when the kids are more depressed than ever and distracted by devices.


    In the last year, private fundraising efforts have resulted in granting scholarships to over 100 families. When students suffered financial setbacks due to pandemic, illness, divorce, or other loss of income, the fund stepped in to help. ASF also brought a dynamic national speaker to a dozen schools with an encouraging message.


    Your sponsorship can help bring an injection of positivity that will help pull kids out of the rut that leads to boredom, rebellion, anger and violence. Your support is crucial to our efforts to keep kids in a positive environment even when their parents are struggling to pay the bills.

  • Sponsorships are not eligible for refund. However, cancellation of the event will result in refund of the cost of the included event tickets. 

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