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The Action Scholarship Fund Board
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Kelly Van Train

Kelly Van Train is the executive director of the fund. She is a Black Belt and four of her kids are martial arts students. Each one has varying needs in their educational and emotional development and she wanted to create a fund to expand access so more people could benefit the way her family did.

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Tariq Boston

Tariq has an MBA and a past career as a construction consultant.  He is a working actor and model.  He is an owner of a karate school


Siobhan O'Neill

Siobhan O’Neill works in admissions at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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Matthew Brenner

Matthew Brenner is the owner of 3 karate schools and a martial arts consulting company called Double Your Dojo.

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Matt Litton

Matt is a full-time martial arts instructor in Northeast Philadelphia. He lives with his husband and son.

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Dr. D'ags


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